VIS aims to provide an excellent level of customer service through an empathetic and diligent approach concerning all learners. Benefit will derive from a structured process based on individual needs, experience and learning preference.

Construction Courses VISOLUTIONS
  • VIS is committed to providing a high-quality assessment and certification service. The company has the objective of being the leader in its field, setting high standards in terms of quality, service standards and customer satisfaction.
  • Reasonable adjustments will be made so disabled applicants can access programmes. VIS Training requires timely cooperation from applicants and any supporting professionals / agencies, to determine what reasonable adjustments should be made.
  • VIS Training celebrates diversity and challenges discrimination where we find it and welcome applications from anyone with the potential to succeed. No applicant will be excluded from entry as a result of discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion sexual orientation or transgender status.
  • For those who are accepted onto and join a course, VIS training has high expectations regarding attendance, work completion, appropriateness of behaviour. Failure to meet these expectations, for whatever reason, may result in the student being withdrawn from the course.

We will always endeavour to provide:

  • A user-friendly and supportive assessment process
  • Full technical support
  • An assurance of quality in respect of procedures and processes
  • Certification to be issued within 28 days of completion
  • Be efficient yet robust through our delivery model
  • An assurance that our business is always conducted in a professional manner, offering you best value for money