VIS (Viva Infrastructure Solutions) is a newly formed business that has manifested from a growing need at ARC GROUP UK to bolster its existing Apprenticeships division – ARC Academy UK. Since being established in 2011, ARC Academy UK has organically evolved into becoming a leading provider of Apprenticeships in Construction and Rail industries across England and Wales. ARC GROUP UK is home to a multi-faceted group of companies, expert in delivering Apprenticeships, Rail Training, Plant and Civils Training and Health Surveillance services; VIS now proudly sits within the group, specialising in higher level training delivery to senior staff.

As a result of an internal consultative process focusing on the experiences and requirements of existing and potentially new customers, there has been an obvious and significant demand to deliver additional qualifications. Subsequently, VIS now offers a suite of qualifications and short courses designed to support senior staff regarding continual professional development. These accredited courses will also provide recognition of skills and knowledge that in turn, will reflect the requirements of industry standards encompassing a range of sectors.

VIS offers a tailored provision designed to complement and build upon your existing skills and behaviours. Through an accredited process of flexible and efficient learning, customers will benefit from optimum support to achieve some of the key qualifications required within industry.

We are a professional group of practitioners with a wealth of experience within our specific roles that reflects a dynamic, enterprising, honest and professional organisation. Our aspirations are to grow our brand and support learners to achieve recognised qualifications, through providing a level of customer service that many other training organisations fail to deliver.